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Fire-fighting powders and agents

We started producing of fire-fighting powders in 1992. Today Ecochimmach is the recognized leader in Russian and the CIS markets in production of fire-fighting powders and agents.
You can find our products in fire-extinguishers which protect houses, schools, hospitals and other public places as well as on large industrial and defense units, on sea, river and railway transport.
Vekson™ is the registered trademark of Ecochimmach.
Vekson ABC, BC & D powders are cost-effective and designed for excellent fire extinguishing efficiency.
Our major product Vekson ABC -50 have been tested and certified according to European Union standard.

Laboratory Report



Sanitary for food industry

Delicious and healthy food is always in demand of consumers. Product quality strongly depends on hygienic conditions of production.
We help to solve all the tasks of sanitary treatment of equipment and workspaces in the most effective way. There is a wide range of cleansing and disinfectant cleansing agents for application in all conditions.
We can also customize each product for your technologies and production tasks.


Mechanic engineering and metallurgical chemistry

Ecochimmach offers products and solutions in such technological processes as metal surface preparing (degreasing, activation, phosphatizing, anti-corrosion defense), cleansing and depreservating of metal surfaces, edge and abrasive mechanical treatment of metals, effluent water cleansing etc.
Our products can be found in many consuming goods and industries: cars and trucks, agricultural equipment, locomotives, refrigerators, stoves and others.
We offer to our customers a wide variety of standard solutions as well as decisions, customized for your demands.
Being one of the leaders in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, we are always at work upon creation of new products, which respond to current requirements of quality and ecological safety.